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2 Good 2 B True Lyrics

Aaron Carter

Wanna make a connection
Cuz I know we're gonna take 'em high
And I'll show you how to rip up a kicker
If that's alright

The way you're ridin' the halfpipe
There is somethin' 'bout the look in your eye
Hey, girl, why don't you show me a trick or two?
Come, let it fly

(Gonna twist now, gonna take you on a ride, gonna get along, gonna get along fine, I got the skills if you got the style)
You do it for me
It's the way you smile, girl
(Take people home, to a hip hop beat, knock me down, knock me off my feet, whip one up, let's get on with the show)
Ooo, you're the way to go

It's too good to be true
Now I'm ridin' with you
It's too bad to believe
If you know what I mean
Got me spinning around
With my feet off the ground
And I don't wanna come back down
It's too good to be true

Okay, it's not like I'm short of a girlfriend (yeah right)
But I'm playin' with my plan on attack
Cuz I know that once you've checked out my lip slide
You ain't lookin' back

[Pre-Chorus] [Chorus]

I ride all day, even in the sun
Boilin' hot, but I still have fun
Everybody's watchin', keepin' their eye
On how I skate, how I fly
Ridin' the rails, hittin' the ramps
I'll skate all day, gonna hafta camp
Althought I get tired, it doesn't stop me
Hey, bettah watch me

[Pre-Chorus] [Chorus]
And I don't wanna come back down
It's too good to be true

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