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Hard As Hell Lyrics



Ooh ehhh (3x)

It's Akon

And UGK (3x)

It's Akon

That girl, she got me
Way she movin in place
Bendin in front of these people / Bendin over,
spreadin eagle
With that butt in my face / All that ass in my face
I want her bad as hell / She got me hard as hell
I'm so ready, can't you tell? / Got me pokin like a
I want her bad as hell / She got me hard as hell
I can't control it, can't you tell baby?

Show me what you workin wit
If I got knocked off on a bumper kit
I keep a gold magnum rubber with some KY
Try to see where I'm coming/cumming from
Get it in your eye
I like when you get doooown, like a thug suppose
Rolled on a doff (?), get that shit up out your nose
Is that where all your money goes?
I spend mine on Benz and Rolls
Royces, choices, get on the pole
Slide down, move around
And bring the money back home
Heee ain't pimp, he's a clone
Girl wanna eat my dick when they smell my cologne
I'm so throwed in a game like that
The girl can't ball but the motherfucker fat
Giiiirl, what you gonna do wit all that?
Pimp C, you miss some Ts
I get you from the back


She was 36-24-40
Centerfold stallion
The life of the party
All eyes on her
And that goes for me too
Five inch heels
And a dress that's see-through
As soon as I saw her
I knew that it was time
As soon as she saw me
She knew that she was mine
If this is a dream
Then I don't wanna wake
And if this is good as it seems
C'mon, you gotta shake
Her body's not real
It looks like Crumb drew her
If she gon step to me
I'm feen to run to her
And off top, man
My mouth, it dropped, man
For a minute
It felt like the world
Just stopped, man (damn)
It started again
Now I'm starting to feel
Like I can really give
Baby girl the heart of the Trill
And once you got the heart
You got the dough
But right now we gots to go
Cuz baby girl gots to know


Hey boys, we mean
They on bended knee
Make you disappear
You want the Texas T
Girls in France like Texas D
They like "Ooh la la, ah, oui oui"

Well "merci beaucoup"
Baby girl, you know you
Got the hot butter
That my knife gotta go through
Sometimes it cuts slow
Sometimes it cut quick
It don't matter
Because it's still good dick, c'mon

Shawty got me open/swollen now
She can see what a player/nigga holdin now
Grippin the tie, she ready to own/bone me now
Takin her to the telly / diggin up in that belly
To the morning now / got her moanin now
When round and round I go
When I come/cum, up and down she go
When she come/cum, everybody know
When we come/cum, money's on the floor, baby

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