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Someday We'll Be Free Lyrics

Alicia Keys


hang on to the world
as it spins around
just don't let the spin
get ya down...oooh
things are moving, so fast

hold on tight and you will last
keep your self-respect
your only pride
get your self and you'll keep your stride
oooh. never mind your fears
but the days will soon be here

take it from me , someday we'll all be free

keep on walking...tall
hold your head up high
let your dreams right up to the sky
ooooh yes
sing your greatest song. umhmmm
and you'll keep growing, growing on

take it from me, someday we'll all be free

oooh (say it) just wait and see someday we'll all be free

so just keep walking
and ya take it from me
ummmm....say it
someday oooh you and you and you and you and you and me's gonna be free

oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah,oh yeah

some wanna, i wanna, you gonna, we gonna, we gonna, we gonna be free, yeah

oooooooh (to end)

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