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Waiting For The Robert E. Lee Lyrics

Babes On Broadway

Way down on the levee in old Alabamy,
there's Daddy and Mammy, there's Ephraim and Sammy.
On a moonlight night you can find them all.
While they are waitin', the banjos are syncopatin'

Oh, what's that they're sayin'?
Oh, what's that they're sayin'?
While they keep playin', and hummin' and swayin',
it's the good ship Robert E. Lee that's here to carry the cotton away.

Ah-ha-ha, watch them shufflin' along, see them shufflin' along!
Go take your best gal, your real pal, go down on the levee,
I said to the levee, and we'll (CHORUS joins) join that shufflin' throng.
Hear that music and song.
It's simply great, mate,
waitin' on the levee,
waitin' for the Robert E. Lee!

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