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Traffic In The Tropics Lyrics

Baby Calendar

I remember when the rhythm started,
Two seconds into what we would call today.
These doors were sturdy,
But never compared to the weather we left behind.
Sometimes i can still hear
The rain creeping in to the trunk where we put our shoes.
Tossed in to the ring unknowing,
Keeping pace with the progress you have made.
Lets not look back,
How it was before,
No begging for yesterday.
We kept the sun on all the time,
But it got dark anyway.
Please let me know how it got to this,
Interesting intervals.

Signals were to point out
That we could shine through the course of our destiny.
Cool air wafts through the window,
Enter to mingle with the dust.
We walk and we walk,
Walk and we anticipate a break.
Blisters wont stop us from playing,
And im ready for whatever so bring it on.

Lets not look back.

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