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Baby Lemonade

in the darkness, close my eyes
and sleep away the days
and traitors are forgiven
the stars align and all the time is gone
and they say its not worth sleeping
after dawn
(I was stuck in a space and time)
if you give me time
then I'd know what to do
(loving a heart that was so unkind)
if you were in my shoes
I would wait for you
so long
in the morning we rub our eyes
and see the world outsidev the sun is just a reminder of all the times
you'd wish that it would fall
we find we're only sleeping after all
I just wanted to give myself
A gift that 1 could use
then you start your contemplating
it's not a very complicated song
in the darkness we find out
what we hate about ourselves
I try to sleep with the light on
and fade away in the haze of a dying spark
I never know I miss you until its dark

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