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Separation Lyrics

Balance and Composure

The result of your calming touch
What's motivation
If my feelings can't turn into love

I spend my spare time
Frustrated and painting a mask
Fits right to your face
Recovers the thoughts of my past

It pains me to know that all I see
Is a vision to grow
And everything around me's always fading fast
It's what I'd like to see
So now I'll just open the window
Letting the wind blow

I fear that we're losing touch
This conversation
Is dull and is nothing to love

Where's the passion?
Diminished; it lays in the past
And I'm distracted
It's taken me this long to grasp

From far away
I can feel her preparing a place with my name
I awake
This dream's just a scene that I sculpted from pain

I built us a house
With wedful desires
A fence that would mend
Protect you from crying

I can't erase
I can't erase
The face that haunts all of my days
Tears fall from your face
I can't erase
My mind and heart work in different ways

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