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My Angel Lyrics

Buffalo Springfield

My angel, there she goes
Where she comes from nobody knows
She came walkin' quiet as a bird
Walkin' softly with a good word

Who was I talkin' to
Soon I must see for myself
New love, don't run away
I don't think you understand
How deeply you touch me
Yes, she does

My angel callin' me soft and low
"Love me gentle, I've suffered and fallen so low"
Can I try? Love you best I can
Take good care of you, be your man

Who was I talkin' to
Soon she will see for herself
New love don't run away
I think she now understands
How deeply you touch me
Yes, she does

My angel, will she go?
Will she move on? I just don't know
If it happens that she has to go
I'll be sorry but I can say that I did know

My angel, yes I did
(My angel, yeah yeah yeah)

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