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My Kind Of Love Lyrics

Buffalo Springfield

To your way of thinking a promise is easy to make
Cause to your kind of promise is nothing but something to break
And a lie fits your lips honey like a hand fits a glove
And your kind of woman don't understand my kind of love

The heartaches you caused me don't cause you the least bit of shame
And I guess if I let you you'd hurt me all over again
And I can't help but wonder what was I thinking of
To think that your kind of woman could understand my kind of love

I made you my life while you made me into your fool
Yes I found out too late that your love meant heartache
Your kind of woman never could be true

But someday you'll know how to hurt when your heart breaks in two
And when your world falls to pieces then you'll know what you put me through
And I hope I'm around when you learn what I'm speaking of
Cause your kind of woman don't understand my kind of love

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