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Storms Lyrics

Fleetwood Mac

every night that goes between
i feel a little less
as you slowly go away from me
this is only another test

every day you do not come
your softness fades away
did i ever really care that much
is there anything left to say

every hour of fear i spend
my body tries to cry
living through each empty night
a deadly call inside

i havent felt htis way i feel
since many a years ago
but in those years and the lifetimes past
i did not deal with the road
and i did not deal wiht you i know
though the love has always been
so i search to find an answer there
so i can truely win


so i try to say good-bye my friend
id like to leave you with something more
but never ever been a blue calm sea
i have always been a storm

always been a storm

ooh- always been a storm

i have always been a storm

we were frail
she said "every night he will break your heart"
i shouldve known from the first
id be the broken-hearted
but i loved you from the start
not all the prayers in the world could save us

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