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The Manifesto Of The Unity Lyrics


Let the heavy breath of clouds magnify the horizon
Let all of the matured ultra feelings burn with bloody spew of the God's fire
Let the waters strike with waves of hate !
Let Ragnarok begin, from the loudest scream of unity !

A bitreous female - ripped from a womb
Then and there had passed her palm over to become the first lady
Then and there the flakes had uncovered the wild attachment
She cried, covering her vulgar laugh underneath her mask
She passed her palm over to the thousand swirling in a sexual rhythm.

She envenomed the Gods with drink...
To procreate a war monster of a hundred years

The bitreous female within the web of Orion

(Do you hear the mighty steps above the waters !?
Their calling was heard, but no one saw their demonic wings...)

(The ages in which begriming the faith and race have never been so apart)

Don't ask, if it is easy to find the key in one of the sources of creation
If the fall of the hound's faith is near
If the wrath of the pantheon still bears its flame at the corners of the world
Let's throw a shadow of crystal murders
Because this is the time - where birds can only fly
Upon the golden formation
Upon a heap of thoughts

The pearl of the hounds' dog will crawl - in its mighty beauty
On a leash, dragged behind the godly chariots of war !!!

Youwill stand, like before, underneath the whip of ancient Rome
In the frantic laugh of Sparta, I will push your blood off the mountain

Let the gates speak when the crows shall laugh !
Pick out the eyes so they can see !

The prophecies in which the background was found
For the end of millions of sheep eyes
This is the wolf era of truth - amongst the burning sanctuaries of lies !
In the hands of puppets - the sanctuaries of the world tremble

The cold wind still ripples the hue changing wate...

Creations of short breath shal crawl - forever !
Because these are the epochs of power, entangled and unified !

And the gale shall blow into the horn of victory - to all the corners of the world !
The victims, for the holes in time, shall be stopped in a vortex of vulgar laughs and eternal motionless !

Those, who bowed down to the hounded god,
Will now dip their necks, before the rings of power !

Separated amongst dead embodiments - creatures of short breath !

Pick out the eyes so they can see !

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