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I Need You Lyrics

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Ain't no need to worry.
There ain't no use to cry.
'Cause i'll be comin' home soon,
To keep you satisfied.
You know I get so lonely,
That I feel I cant go on.
And it feels so good inside, babe,
Just to call you on the telephone.
I say..

Ooh baby I love you.
What more can I say?
Ooh baby I ne-e-e-ed you
I miss you more everyday

::guitar solo::

I woke up early this morning,
And the sun came shining down.
And it found me wishing and hoping
Mama you could be around.
Well you know I need you,
More than the air I breathe.
And I guess I'm just trying to tell you woman,
Oh what you mean to me


I say..

::guitar solo::

I'm trying to tell you I love you,
In each and every way.
Im trying to tell you I need you,
Much more than just a peice of leg.


Ooh baby I love love love love you
what more can I say
Ooh baby I need your sweet lovin
I miss you more, more everyday

Ooh baby I love you
Baby, baby I need you..

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