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Silence Lyrics


Yih'yu l'ratzon imrei fi V'hegyon libi l'fanecha, adonai tzuri
Yih'yu l'ratzon imrei fi V'hegyon libi l'fanecha, adonai tzuri*

I will crush my fantasy,
bring me olive oil crushed for his majesty
to shine a warmth into eternity, this is an eternal decree,
Weíll dance like flames for thereís no gravity,
for now Iím just a candle trying to stay lit in this windy night.

Got to crush my fantasies of how this life is supposed to be

Bring my broken heart to an invisible king with a hope one day you might answer me, so I pray donít you abandon me.

Your silence kills me;
I wouldnít have it any other way.

Is it wrong to think you might speak to me?
You might speak, would it be words and what would you say?

Itís so heavy a heavy price to pay
your silence.

*(translation: Let it be your will that my words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart come before you, God my rock my redeemer)

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