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Mexican Seafood Lyrics


Oh itchy flakes it isn't through me (Oh it's your face it isn't
Till the jaw's in flames it's entertaining
True the fungus mold is my attraction
Oh it's only a dys infection
Only hurts a night until I pee (tonight / pay)
Only hurts a night until I sleep
Oh coming up and diarrhea
On the tile floor a gum of pizza
In the toilet bowl aroma cloudy
Toss feel it burn become a chowdered mess
Only hurts a night, until I pee (plea)
Only hurts a night, until I sleep (sing)
Oh, take my bed, I've just consumed some
Flies. Bugs and fleas and even mucus
Stain the Vaseline, and tainted burgers
Stop, in case it learns, and takes a joke as such.

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