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Texas Never Whispers Lyrics


Here we go
She's on a hidden tableau
Just a 2-for-1
And the 2-for-1
Is right down my alleyside
I'm just a wasted behind

Don't you know
It's an easy thing
When it's lost
Doesn't show when
The ends are frayed
And it's tossed out
Lined with silver thread
I've seen you(r) wasted behind

She's so lackadaisical
Should have been
A west coast bride
Back seat on electric glide
Pilots flying
Drive by fades
Dont hold your breath too long
This tunnel is
A Texas mile
Callow teasing yellow eyes
Bleacher dates the second prize
Cherry pickin' favorites
My dash was locked
I guess I feel fine
The way the river bends
The woman's bending over me

Ba-da-da-da ba-da-da-da
(Texas Texas Texas Texas)

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