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Falling Down Lyrics

Pearl Jam

Oh something to remember me by
oh something to place in your hand
oh something so you will feel all grown up when you call my name
oh, i'm falling down, down...
i'm falling...
i don't know when i'll be up
before your call, please remember
frozen like stone, yeah
he'll be flesh and blood
i'll be gone
oh just a memory passing like pages in a book
i'm falling down...
i'm falling...
i'm falling...
don't know if i'll get up
you're a boy...
you're a boy...
you're a boy...
i know why you'll be...
can't guess your side
oh no, the cry of a newborn child
can't feel the heat
of something fresh coming
can somebody hide me
i cannot apolo...
i cannot apolo...
i cannot apologize

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