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Nothing Man Lyrics

Pearl Jam

Once divided,Nothing left to subtract,
Some words were spoken,Cant be taken back,
Walks on is own,And the thoughts he cant help thinkin,Futures above,but in the past hes slow and sinkin,
Caught a bolt of lightnin,Cursed the day he let it go,

Nothing man,nothing man,Isnt it something,Nothing man

She once believed,in every story he had to tell,
one day she differed,took the other side,
Empty stares,from each corner of a shared prison cell,
One just a escaped,Ones left in side the rails,
He who forgets,will be destined to remember,ohh

Nothing man,Nothing Man,Isnt it something,Nothing man

AHH SHe dont want him
Ohh SHe wont feed him
After hes gone away

ohh into the sun,die into sun,ohh oh o Nothing man,Nothing man,Coulda been something,Nothing man.

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