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Never Can Say Goodbye Lyrics

Sheena Easton

Never can say goodbye
No, no, no, no, I
Never can say goodbye
Ev'ry time I think I've had enough
And start headingfor the door
There's a very strange vibration
Piercing me right to the core
It says turn around you fool
You know you love him more and more
Tell me why
Tell me why is it so
Yhat I don't wanna let you go
I never can say goodbye, boy
I never can say goodbye, no, no, no, no, no, no
I never can say goodbye
I keep thinkin' that our problems
Soon are all gonna work out
But there's that same unhappy feelin'
There's that anguish, there's that doubt
It's that same old dizzy hang up
Can't do with you or without
Tell me why

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